Tinker & Tinker

The goal of Tinker & Tinker laboratories is simple, to help you make.

To make what, you might ask? To make anything you’d like.


This goal is achieved by utilizing some of today’s emerging technologies such as the laser cutter, the 3-D printer, and CNC machines, as well as more conventional building tools, and opening the use of these tools to every day people.


By allowing tinkerers everywhere the use of these previously unaccessible means of building we aim to open the doors for innovation and creativity, allowing members of our community to build anything they put their minds to on a more professional level that was previously possible.


Possibility Planks are a product developed with three goals in mind. To draw new members into the Tinker lab facilities. To introduce members to the thought process of building using a laser cutter, as well as train them on how to work the actual machine. The third goal of the planks is to connect the tinkerer with our online community by sharing what they make out of the planks, using the QR code on the packaging.


Community is highly important to Tinker & Tinker. By having a fruitful community both online and in the shop we aim to push the limits of creativity by members inspiring and teaching one another as well as collaborating amongst themselves.


On this glueless supply container, used for housing various shop supplies without eating up table space, we have a simple project suggestion for any tinkerers who may need a little inspiration. The container also links to a page on our website where more projects can be found with instructions of how to do them. So while our tinkerer is still warming up their mind he or she can do already planned projects in the mean time to learn new techniques and get inspired.
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Coasters cut from a Possibility Plank.


Close up of a screen printed plank and two phone charging docs cut from Possibility Planks, one assembled, one unassembled.